1,000+ SEO Business Name Ideas + Availability Check (2023)

SEO Business Names | 30+ Clever Name Ideas for Your Brand

What’s in a name? Not much, some may say, and yet, a company name usually speaks volumes, especially if you are in the SEO business.

Making it in this field alone requires being forward-thinking and trendy, thus the business name should reflect that.

SEO business names carry more power than we ever give them credit.

It’s a way to tell the world your company story through those few carefully chosen words. A company name reflects on the brand’s mission and values, wrapping up the message you want to send to potential customers.

When brainstorming SEO company name ideas, it’s crucial to choose a memorable name that sticks well to the ear and that is easy to spell and pronounce.

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In this regard, you can use our SEO business name generator if you are not the creative type, or read our unique tips and suggestions on how to generate trendy and unique SEO business names.

Clever SEO Company Name Ideas

Using our SEO business name generator is a useful tool if you need a fast solution for your company’s name.

Sometimes, our mind simply goes blank and the harder we try, the fewer ideas come to us.

SEO company names require a rather thoughtful process, so using our SEO business name generator may be the starting point to give you an idea of the direction you are headed in.

The names you receive may not be as personal, but they are an excellent starting point.

Remember, coming up with SEO business names is not about being personal. It’s about emphasizing the purpose, goals, and values of your business.

Adding something personal to the name is a bonus.

If you are still not sure what you need to do to give your SEO business the name that will put it on the world map, here are some ideas on how you can use our SEO business name generator.

SEO Company Name Ideas: Use Life as an Inspiration

When searching names for any type of company, be resourceful and unique in your approach. Don’t be afraid to play with combinations you never could imagine going together.

Thinking of SEO names requires opening your mind to space, time, possibilities as well as everyday life. Try to think of every aspect that may be useful to help you use that one keyword that will be memorable for the customer.

Brainstorming on this topic, we came up with some quite interesting SEO company name ideas that might inspire you:

  • Organic Research
  • Fruitful Growth
  • The Master
  • The Great Nitwit
  • Space Saps

As you can see, life is a great inspiration for SEO company names. You can try different approaches with the life metaphor. We created even more names for your inspiration. Here are 10 bonus SEO company name ideas inspired by life.

  • 420 Maturation
  • AlienGrowth
  • Endless Visibility
  • Time Searchers Co.
  • Growth Seekers
  • Collective Hunting
  • Scan Scavenging
  • The Search Place
  • SEO Palace
  • Lunar SEO Co.

Be open-minded and think of all your business interests.

Is there a way that they may be linked to SEO? If so, you can use your passion for books, movies, space, or time travel and incorporate it into your business name.

Also, you can use a combination of hobby-inspired brand names and mix it with the SEO theme of your business.

A combination of these may lead to some rather original SEO company names.

And, if you find the right keywords to portray your brand ideals, you could definitely hit the name jackpot!

Naming tip for creating SEO name ideas inspired by life:

Start by creating two groups of words – words from the SEO world and words related to life.

Your job is to match words from both groups and create unique name ideas. Try to include rhymes, alliterations, and rhythmic combinations to make the names as memorable as possible.

SEO Company Names: Simple Branding

Plunge into the cosmos of simplicity and find endless inspiration. You can come up with a catchy name that sounds great and be simple at the same time.

Not everything has to be about inventing the unimaginable:

  • SEO Hunt
  • Search Solutions
  • Tectonic SEO
  • SEO Check
  • Monster Ranking

Simple branding doesn’t mean boring. The name ideas we created are relevant, catchy, and memorable. Here are 10 more name ideas with simple branding you can use as inspiration for your SEO company.

  • SEO Booster
  • The SEO Buddy
  • Optimized SEO
  • The SEO Rush
  • SEO Warriors
  • SEO Founder
  • Microcosmic SEO
  • Optimized SEO Branding
  • SEO Growers
  • SEO Road

You may not always wish to experiment when coining your company name. Keeping it simple is sometimes the best option.

Naming tip for creating SEO name ideas with simple branding:

Simple branding starts with a simple name. To create simple SEO names, follow these two tricks.
Use real words with simple spelling.Avoid numbers in the name.
Simple names are usually relatively descriptive and straightforward. Use our SEO business name generator to create hundreds of simple name ideas for your business.

SEO Company Names: The Cool Geek

Where’s better to look for inspiration than within your field of expertise?

Try combining some of those cool geeky terms if you wish to spice it up. Don’t always go fancy, but rather go for catchy names relevant to your brand. For instance:

  • SEO Canon
  • Core SEO
  • 420 Crawler
  • DNS Looker
  • KeySEO

You have many different options when it comes to geeky SEO business names. That’s why we created 10 more name ideas to cover as many different geeky styles as possible.

  • SEO Farm
  • SEO organic
  • Query Engine
  • SEO Rankers
  • The Search
  • The Optimizer
  • SEOHash
  • SEO Sitemap
  • The Bouncers
  • Anchoring Saps

Using the examples we provided above, try to come up with a name that will project the goals and mission of your SEO business.

Don’t limit yourself to just your field of expertise. You can always find inspiration in any part of your life that will reflect the message you are trying to send to your clients with the name.

We recommend you stay away from incorporating personal names, geographical locations, and specific services into your name. Remember that businesses grow, partners go their own way, and people migrate from one place to another.

Don’t limit your business to one place or one person.

Think globally—dare to see into the future.

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Naming tip for creating SEO name ideas for the cool geeks:

These are the names that will appeal to SEO gurus and insiders. We recommend you start by listing SEO words only people that are very knowledgeable about the industry would understand.

You can insert these words into our SEO business name generator to create fresh and unique name ideas for your SEO business.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Seo Agency
  • Seo Systems
  • Systematic Seo
  • Searchlight Seo
  • Easy Searching
  • Search Happy
  • Search Values
  • Search Terms
  • Return On Terms
  • Terrific Terms
  • Open Optimization
  • Open For Seo
  • Seo Options
  • Seo Capabilities
  • Strong Seo
  • Seo Strength
  • Seo Solutions
  • Serious Seo
  • Seo Strategies
  • Seo Style
  • Seo Knows
  • Know Your Seo
  • Search Term Team
  • Searching Systems
  • Search Tools
  • Unlimited Seo
  • Seo Entry
  • Seo Hello
  • Hello Seo
  • Expert Seo
  • Seo My Business
  • Boost My Seo
  • Seo Traders
  • We Know Seo
  • Search Your Business
  • The Seo Boss
  • Seo Crafters
  • Seo Monsters
  • Check The Seo
  • The Seo Work
  • Seo Researched
  • We Teach Seo
  • See Seo Moves
  • New Seo Tips Now
  • Seo Bootcamp

Real SEO Company Name Ideas: Filling the Shoes

1,000+ SEO Business Name Ideas + Availability Check (3)

Coming up with unique names doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

Ideally, you want to combine your primary business services or incorporate ideals you feel are the core of the business.

Here are a few brands that have found unique names and whose creation process we found useful.

9th Wonder

The company’s name says it all. They are recognized throughout the world, they believe that differences bring people together, and they deliver the message of why they are different and one of a kind.

We are all aware of the wonders of the world, and why they were proclaimed as wonders in the first place. And so, the brand generated a brilliant name that both promotes the company values and embraces differences, identities, and experiences.


As one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., WebEnertia’s name is quite catchy and simple, while staying whole-heartedly true to the name. Being that creating simplicity is one of their core values, it’s no wonder that their name also reflects their company’s mission.

Their name might point to the digital world, but it also reflects the human energy that is behind the whole company idea. After all, what’s a company without the people that are the moving mechanism behind it?

SEO Company Giants Brand Names: How the Big Players Do It

1,000+ SEO Business Name Ideas + Availability Check (4)

Big SEO brands are always an inspiration when trying to come up with an original and interesting name. Researching some of the brand names in the SEO business, we stumbled among some rather authentic names:

  • WebFX
  • Ignite Visibility
  • Major Tom

We don’t always have access to information on how famous companies were named.

However, there are tons of examples where a name is known by almost every citizen of the world. This mainly implies that you don’t have to be racking your brain to come up with something unique, but rather choose something that will be soothing to the ear and memorable enough to last.


The history of this company marks two name changes. The company was founded under the name WebpageFX, and in 2018, they decided to rebrand and go with the name WebFX.

This was a necessary step due to the expansion of their customer services.

Notice that the coinage of two words represents the business’s field of expertise.

Using “FX” is a smart way to incorporate digital effects into a brand name. WebFX is a tech-enabled marketing solution provider that offers its clients custom SEO strategies.

As the business grew and there was a need for expansion, every new office space was allocated a number. Thus, every new office became FX1, FX2, FX3, and so on—cleverly showcasing a brand name that expands.

Ignite Visibility

The name of this company says it all!

The company offers services that ignite and catapult the visibility or ranking of companies within search engines. A rather smart, original, and powerful name, it’s no wonder they are ranked as one of the world’s top digital marketing firms.

Specializing in SEO, social media, multi-channel digital strategy, and paid media, their core value is that the customer always comes first. Their primary goal is to get your brand name to the number-one search results spot.

With the combination of goals and values, the message from this company is clear—we will boost your company’s visibility and put you on the throne.

Major Tom

Major Tom was born as a result of a merger between two companies—Drive Digital and 6S Marketing. Choosing the name was a long, exhaustive, and thoughtful process that involved hearing the opinion of every employee in the company.

Inspired by themes like space, strategy, and exploration, they point out that the name itself “communicates that 50,000-foot view” that they take as an agency. They recorded the name choosing process, making it a very special moment in the company’s history.

Although you might wonder why an SEO company is given a name like Major Tom, we have to admit that it is rather thought-provoking and stands out amongst the competitors.

Still wondering who Major Tom is? Here’s a major hint—think David Bowie and his Space Oddity. Once you’ve heard the song, you’ll forever want to sing along.

SEO Company Name Suggestions: Tips on Exclusivity

Coming up with SEO company name ideas is not an easy task, but it can be a fun practice to help you generate solid examples.

Living in an ideal world, we strive for SEO business names that are original, meaningful, and have a positive and powerful connotation. Using or implying negative connotations in SEO company names ensures stagnation in the growth of your brand.

To avoid all obstacles that you may come across, allow us to offer helpful tips on creating the best SEO business names.

Useful Tips on Creating the Best SEO Business Names

  • The first and most important tip would be – think about SEO when brainstorming for names. Research keyword difficulty, search value, and volume.
  • Avoid complicating your company name. Keep it simple, but at the same time don’t be basic and dull. SEO company name ideas should be based on impact, interest, and catchiness.
1,000+ SEO Business Name Ideas + Availability Check (5)
  • Ensure that your company name is original and memorable. While doing this, also try to pinpoint exact keywords to increase your business awareness.
  • The company name should exude company confidence which in turn will increase the brand value.
  • Follow the example of Major Tom and ask employees to be involved in the naming process. Joining heads may lead to some fantastic and unusual names. After all, a name has to reflect the company culture and all employees in it.
  • Names may be derived from feelings. Think of words that represent the feelings your brand exudes.
  • SEO is about extensive research. Learn how to protect your identity and tone through the company name.
  • Think globally! Don’t limit yourself to a geographical location. You will want to expand your business one day and go international. Restricting your company growth is a no.
  • Open your mind to expanding your business in the sense of offering a variety of services. Choose a versatile name that will cover all services you choose to offer.
  • In the end, if you are stuck and have no clue how to create your business name, turn to our SEO business name generator for help.

Keep in mind that you are the only one who knows your business inside out.
The mission, goals, ideals and values you want to achieve and incorporate will play a key role in creating a name that simply does your brand justice.

SEO Business Name Ideas: Check It

Checklists are a good reminder when taking on a grand task like naming a business. Use the below checklist to be sure you haven’t missed a step.

  • Brainstorm for ideas and label the ones that seem the most appealing;
  • Conduct a survey to gather ideas that may not have occurred to you;
  • Research industry-related keywords that may be used in the company name;
  • Growth and expansion are necessary for a company – don’t hinder your business name only to services you provide today;
  • Offer several name choices and get feedback on them from your target audience;
  • Combining words to create a catchy business name is a form of art. If you are having difficulty, simply use an SEO business name generator to help you.
  • Always check the name availability before you go ahead and register it.

SEO Business Names: Final Thoughts

Creating an SEO business name that will put you in the top five search results is worth the effort. The first five search results account for 67.60% of all clicks—and this all on the first page. If you’re on page 2 of Google, forget it.

Do your research and find the right keywords that will put your business name in those first five organic results. Dare to be different from the others.

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