18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (2023)

A garage may be taken as a personal shopper to do quick repairs and fixes of various home items, home appliances, and even your vehicles without taking them to a professional machine shop that may cost big! However, as you have to do a lot of tasks in your garage so all your materials, tools and equipment should be well organized and should also provide an ease of pick and place! It always a big demand to gain some better storage options for a garage as you have to store various of your electrical tools, repair kits, and other materials there, otherwise you may leave with short storage space there that may cause problems!

If you are on a mission to get a clutter-free garage and willing maximize storage space there then you should also do some DIY garage storage projects at home that will make you get with a better and organized garage! Before you start DIY garage organization,check out these 18DIY garage storage ideas that are innovative and based on genius storage hacks and will definitely put you in big amazement! Getting a neat and clean garage is now in every body’s reach with the help of these budget-friendly garage storage ideas!

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (1)

Organize the garage stuff by installing custom pegboard wall that will be cost-efficient to make also! Go manually with 2x4s wood planks and install custom garage shelves to store all your materials and tools neatly! Maximize also the garage storage space by installing there beautiful decker shelves that will provide ample storage space without using several inches of garage space! If you are often to use a lot of spray paint during the garage repairs and tasks then you can also build custom paint shelves there that will also help boost the garage space beautifully!

Create a modern organized look of your garage by installing the metallic and lasting longer bicycle racks and also add your garage wall with self-made tool holders that will hang there with the hardware hanging systems! Check out some brilliant DIY projects given below that will definitely add extra wings to your creativity!

DIY Ideas You May Like:

Build also the corner shelves in your garage for better organization of your garage and you can also prefer the storage-friendly workbenches for your garage that will also help to gain a zero clutter garage without getting a bit expensive! Next, you can also build the space savvy cabinet and chest of drawers that will help organize all your garden tools and equipment beautifully along with making your garage look beautiful at the same time! Check out some outstanding samples given below in the list and get inspired!

There are a lot more garage storage ideas given in the collection that are a borderline genius and will help you in budget-friendly garage organization! There is a source line attached to each garden storage project which you can click to grab the full free tutorials, instructions, and step by step guides for your respective DIY garage storage projects!

Adorable DIY Garage Pegboard Wall:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (2)
(Video) FINALLY fixing my GARAGE storage problem

Pegboards are great to organize any of your space so it would be immensely helpful to manage your garage spaces having the messiest things there. SO here is the idea of creating a huge pegboard wall in the garage to organize all your tools, sporty stuff and other things that are the lying there and need to be stored up there. You can cut the pegboard into any of the feasible sizes according to the space you have and thus easily get your garage storage problems fixed.Check out the details of the idea here cleanandscentsible

Build Your Own Garage Shelving From 2x4s:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (3)

Make your garage a well managed and well-organized space too with this wooden built shelving unit to hold all your knick knack stuff on it. Using the wooden planks this shelving is really easy, cheap and quick to install yourself at home with any size, the number of shelves and design to fit and suit your spaces. You can hold the baskets on it with all your stuff being put up in them and thus nicely stored up.Check out the details of this feasible and functional organizing idea here ana-white

DIY Pegboard Storage Wall:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (4)

The men of the house have their workshop installed in the garage and it means a lot of tools, supplies, and material to be organized there and to help you out we got you this idea of creating a pegboard wall there. With this pegboard over your walls, you can easily hang your bunch of tools on it and grab them easily while working on your projects. Moreover, you can use mesh baskets to make it look more functional by holding your smaller things like hardware in them. Catch the complete details of this brilliant idea here thecreativityexchange

How To Build Spray Paint Shelf – Holds 117 Cans:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (5)

If you are a crafty person then we can know you struggle with the organization of the crafting supplies especially with the big bunch of spray cans and the paint jars. So to solve this problem easily and cheaply you can install this wooden paint shelf having the capability to house more than a hundred cans on it and thus getting them all organized in the least for the price, efforts and space. You can learn to create this utterly functional wooden spray paint shelf right on this link provided so do browse infarrantlycreative

DIY Repurposed Crib Paint Shelf:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (6)
(Video) 18 Easy Tool Shed/Workshop Organization Ideas | The Carpenter's Daughter

If you have an old crib in your access do grab it as you can repurpose it into something really cool and functional for your garage spaces like here it has been turned into a paint shelf with some additions to the structure. It would really save your space, time and money and let you have a fully organized space there in your garage or in your crafting shed holding all your paint, primer and stain collection in the apple pie order.You can check out the details of the idea here with easy steps and instructions mylove2create

Adorable DIY Double Decker Garage Storage Shelves:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (7)

If you are lacking space on the garage floor and there a pile of stuff that needs to be organized yer then you should really be getting your hands on this genius built double pecker shelf idea to cope up with the low storage space problem. The shelf got a top to hold some big stuff like baskets and cans, then it has lower built-in compartments to house a bunch of your spray cans and the paint jars in them. At the lowest it got hooks to house a lot of stuff like wires, ropes and more so it ought to b built and here are the details familyhandyman

DIY Garage Family Bike Storage:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (8)

Cycling is a fun hobby and so much healthy activity too and if you and your family members are all cycling lover then we can know the hassle you must be facing while getting the cycles organized in your garage spaces. So here is how you can cope up with this situation by building this wall mounted cycle holding rack and thus not only organize your cycles but also save a huge space on the garage floor too. The rack is easy and simple to built and you can learn it all here iheartorganizing

How To Make Wall Tool Holders In Garage:

Working with the tools is not easy especially when you have messed up spaces as you can not find the right tool at right time and thus get your projects delayed. So here is the smart idea of creating a wooden shelf with the drilled wooden holders to house all your handy equipment in them like the screwdrivers, drill indexes and more and thus get them easily accessed while spending some crafty time in your workshop.Check out the step by step details of this pretty functional idea here wood ears

Easy DIY Bike Rack For $20 In Garage:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (10)
(Video) 20x18 Garage With 9’ Walls | Solo Build | MY DIY

If you all have the cycles then you are going to be short on space in your garage as it would take a lot of space to house them all there but with this DIY wooden wall mounted rack you can save it all. Yes with this idea you can organize your family cycles against the walls and thus make your garage space look all organized and free for other storage plans. Check out the easy and simple building instructions about this cycle rack right on this link instructables

Build Your Own Garage Workbench:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (11)

You must be having a bench seat in your workshop so that you can relax on it while tired of working with the tools or you can make any visitor sit on it when you got them in the garage to witness your hard work and superb crafts. So here is the amazing idea of creating this working bench for your workshop to not only have a comfy seat on but also organize a lot of stuff on it be it the seat or the lower built-in shelf there. The bench is just too simple and easy to install and you can learn all the details about its structure right here shanty-2-chic

Make a Super Sturdy Drawers – Garage Storage:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (12)

If you got some old and not is use cabinet in your garage spaces then we got the perfect genius idea for you to recycled them and bring in use in the most beneficial way for your garage spaces. Yes you can install these sturdy and durable drawers in the cabinet and get all your tools, supplies and equipment housed in them and thus making your spaces look all tidy and clear. The drawers are super fun and easy to build so check out the complete details of the idea here familyhandyman

How To Build Super Easy Garage Shelves:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (13)

Shelves are the apt solutions to all your storage and organizing problems especially when you are short on space the mounted shelves on the walls are just so perfect to tackle your situation. Here is this mighty wall mounted shelf unit that would perfectly organize a garage or a workshop holding all your tools, equipment, knick knack stuff and more. The shelves are super easy and functional to build with the wooden boards and the planks and the complete details of the idea are lying here shanty-2-chic

DIY Giant Garage Cabinet:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (14)
(Video) Reclaim your GARAGE w/ DIY Garage Storage Shelves 🚘 FREE PLANS!

Garage is the part of the house where all the extra stuff of the house is dumped and that is why its the most messiest place of the house but it can be organized and made to look so much handsome like other portions of the house too. Yes you heard it right, with this idea of gorgeous wooden garage cabinet to be loaded with all your garage stuff in it and thus make your garage floor clean and clear and be ready to use for other functions. Learn the structure plans and the details of this wall mounted giant garage cabinet here familyhandyman

Adorable DIY Garage Storage Shelves:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (15)

One of the easy and fun way to get your garage organized is to use the tubs or plastic baskets to house all your stuff and what can ease out your task more is the use of shelves to let these tubs on. You can create this pretty shelf unit in your garage with custom size and number of shelves you want for the complete holding of your tubs on it which can be labelled for further convenience of finding and using your things on time. Lean the structural plan for this shelf here with pictures and the written instructions too diydesignfanatic

Create a Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (16)

The more is less for your garage spaces because the things keep coming to be loaded there and thus minimizing the space there to use for further storage and organization. Here is the smartest of the garage storage hacks to use your ceiling for the organization of your plenty of garage stuff with these sliding storage system with the sliders and the plastic bins. The idea is bit hassling to install but these detailed instructions and tutorial help would really make it easy and fun for to you work on it so do check it out familyhandyman

DIY Basement Storage Shelf:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (17)

No matter which thing is creating a storage problem for you in the house be it the Christmas gifts or the toys of your kids this huge wooden shelf for your basement would the perfect plans for you to get your hands dirty with and clear your spaces in a stylish and functional way. The shelf got four tiers of the storage layers to house a plenty of stuff on it and thus organize your spaces so neat and nicely. The shelf is super easy and cheap to create on your own and we got the complete tutorial help for you here whitehouseblackshutters

How To Make Garage Storage Shelf:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (18)
(Video) Minimalist Storage Solutions, Tips & Tricks!

The garage stuff or that of the workshop is really heavy like the tools and the equipment and you really need a sturdy and robust kind of storage system to house them all in a functional and safer way and this metal built shelf is just the right thing to get your hands on. Yes using the metal parts this butterfly durable and useful shelf structure has been shaped up to the ceiling and would be enough to house a bunch of your crafting tools and supplies on it and that too with much safety. You can learn to install this metal shelf here with all the help and aid you need instructables

Make Your Own Screwdriver Storage:

18 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn't Know About (19)

There are plenty of kinds of a tool in the workshop depending on the type of project and the task you need them for. For example, the screwdrivers of so many types and sizes from big, medium to small and you can house a complete set or the family of the screwdriver at one place so that you can grab the right one on the right time with the help of this wooden screwdriver shelf. All you need to do is just grab a wooden piece and turn into a shelf with drilled holes to house the screwdrivers in and its done. The idea is simple yet you can catch it fully here with all the details freshcrush


How do I organize my garage with too much stuff? ›

How to Organize Your Garage: Tips for Decluttering & Storage
  1. Clean Out Your Garage Before Organizing. ...
  2. Set Up Zones. ...
  3. Hang Pegboards for Wall Organization. ...
  4. Add Wire Shelving Along Walls. ...
  5. Try Cubbies for Family Garage Storage. ...
  6. Utilize Storage Containers. ...
  7. Use Rollout Bins for Garage Accessories.
Dec 7, 2022

How do you categorize things in your garage? ›

Categorize the items in your garage. Typical categories include recycling, sports and recreational equipment, camping gear, automotive, seasonal decor, garden gear and tools. Evaluate things like luggage and paint and see whether you can store them elsewhere.

What should not be stored in a garage? ›

Let's examine some of the items that are never recommended to be stored in a garage, no matter how convenient.
  • Propane Tanks. ...
  • Clothing and Bedding. ...
  • Paper Products. ...
  • Fresh Food. ...
  • Temperature-Sensitive Items. ...
  • Canned Food. ...
  • Refrigerator. ...
  • Vinyl Records & 8mm Film.
Nov 20, 2015

What are the 5 steps to organize a garage? ›

How to Organize a Garage in 5 Steps Just in Time for Spring
  1. Before You Start: Have a Plan. Many things can happen inside of a garage during the winter season, so your first focus should be to restore order. ...
  2. Clear the Floor. ...
  3. Organize the Garage into Zones. ...
  4. Plan Garage Storage. ...
  5. Maintain Garage Organization.
Apr 16, 2021

What household items can you store in the garage? ›

The garage is the ideal home for tools and appliances you only use outdoors. Think shovels, hoses, outdoor extension cords, lawnmowers, gardening tools, flower pots, and more. Bags of potting soil, buckets of ice melt, and other outdoor supplies that come in bulky packaging are also good candidates for garage storage.

What is the cheapest way to finish inside of garage? ›

Shiplap is actually the perfect choice for garage walls. It's durable, inexpensive, and easy to install. What is this? Unlike drywall, the solid wood makes it perfect for securing anything, anywhere with hooks or nails.

Where should I start my cluttered garage? ›

Declutter Garage: Garage Cleaning and Organizing Tips and Tricks
  • Step 1: Devise a Plan of Action. ...
  • Step 2: Make it Fun. ...
  • Step 3: Assess The Mess. ...
  • Step 4: Create Dedicated Zones. ...
  • Step 5: Garage Cleaning and Organizing. ...
  • Step 5: Consider Your Organizing Systems. ...
  • Step 7: Consider Garage Shelving and Other Garage Storing Solutions.
Apr 30, 2021

What are the most common things to find in a garage? ›

Top Ten Things Stored in the Garage
  • Yard tools. Brooms, rakes, hoes, pruners, and more are part and parcel of homeownership. ...
  • Washer/dryer. ...
  • Sporting goods. ...
  • Toys.
Sep 15, 2019

What are good things to store in a garage? ›

Most home tools and equipment are also for outdoor purposes and projects. They can mostly all be stored safely inside your garage year-round.
Tools and equipment
  • Pots.
  • Soil.
  • Fertilizer.
  • Gloves.
  • Shears.
  • Shovels.
  • Watering cans.
  • Weedeater.
Dec 14, 2020

What should I throw away in my garage? ›

The Garage Decluttering Toss List
  • TRASH. When decluttering, my first piece of advice is to always go for the low-hanging fruit. ...
  • OLD PAINT. Confession time. ...
  • EMPTY BOXES. ...

What is the cheapest material to build a garage? ›

When we take a look at these pros and cons, it's easy to see that post-frame construction and garage kits are the most affordable building methods for your DIY garage build. Traditional stick framing is an option, but most DIY homeowners will find this to be the lengthiest and most costly choice.

How do you hide clutter in garage? ›

A clean, empty garage floor that doesn't show any sign of visual clutter.
  1. Get your garage floor cleared. ...
  2. Eliminate conflicting design elements. ...
  3. Create a singular focal point. ...
  4. Keep supplies and other belongings hidden. ...
  5. Keep similar items together to reduce garage visual clutter. ...
  6. Use legible, consistent-looking labels.

How do you move with too much stuff? ›

How Do You Move When You Have Too Much Stuff?
  1. Start Early. The first step to prevent the panic from setting in is to give yourself plenty of time. ...
  2. Pack Strategically. Are you trying to save space even though you have a lot of stuff? ...
  3. Use a Moving Container. ...
  4. Invest in a Storage Unit. ...
  5. Ditch What You Don't Need. ...
  6. Conclusion.


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