Best Car Insurance For Teens And Young Drivers (2022) (2023)

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Adding a young driver to your car insurance policy can skyrocket the rate by thousands of dollars per year. To save money, you should take your time to find the best car insurance for teens.

In this article, we will look at the process of getting coverage for your teen and evaluating the best car insurance companies for teenage drivers. We’ve already done the research and found top insurance providers that offer cheap coverage for young drivers.

Whenever you shop for car insurance, we recommend getting quotes from multiple providers so you can compare coverage and rates. Many factors affect your premium, so what’s best for your neighbor might not be best for you.

In this article:

  • Best Car Insurance For Teens
  • Best Car Insurance Costs For Teens
  • How To Add Teens To Your Car Insurance Policy
  • How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teens
  • Final Thoughts On The Best Car Insurance For Teens
  • FAQ: Best Car Insurance For Teens
  • Methodology

Best Car Insurance For Teens

In our "Top 12" industry review of the best car insurance providers, we named Liberty Mutual as the greatest option for teens. Our runner-up choices include State Farm and USAA.

To protect your teen drivers, you should evaluate each auto insurance company by several criteria. Young adults have additional needs, so you want to look at more than just cost. We recommend looking at the insurance rating, level of customer service, available discounts, and perks such as accident forgiveness insurance.

Best Car Insurance for Teens Our Overall Rating Customer Service Affordability Coverage

1. Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance

4.5 4.4 4.0 4.5

2. State Farm Car Insurance

4.6 4.6 4.5 4.5

3. USAA Car Insurance

4.8 4.7 5.0 4.8

4. Geico Car Insurance

4.6 4.5 4.7 4.3

5. Progressive Car Insurance

4.6 4.1 4.7 4.5

6. AAA Car Insurance

4.1 4.5 3.5 4.3

*You may notice that some car insurance companies are listed above those with higher star ratings. This is because our ratings take into account nationwide factors, while our ranking for this article looks specifically at what car insurance providers are best for teens.

#1 Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance

Liberty Mutual has the best car insurance for teens because of its comprehensive coverage and benefits. Some car insurance benefits that could be useful for young drivers include:

Discount Details

Liberty Mutual

Deductible Fund®

In the case of a covered repair, think of this like a savings fund that puts money toward thedeductible you pay to the repair shop out-of-pocket. Liberty Mutual also contributes to the cost of your deductible savings with this plan.
Lifetime Repair Guarantee If you purchase this plan with your teen car insurance policy, any covered repair will be guaranteed for the lifetime of your vehicle.
Accident Forgiveness This plan will protect your premium against heightened rates after your first at-fault accident, which can be beneficial for young, less experienced drivers.
Roadside Assistance This provides towing, flat-tire changes, dead battery service, lockout service, and fuel delivery service when your car is disabled.
Rental Car Reimbursement Get reimbursed for the cost of a rental car when your car is in the shop.
Auto Loan/Lease Gap If you owe more than your vehicle is worth, this plan covers the difference in the event of a total loss.

Liberty Mutual has a positive reputation among industry experts. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with accreditation and an A financial strength rating from AM Best. If you’re interested, we recommend getting a quote and discussing your discount and savings options with the agent.

Learn more about coverage in our completeLiberty Mutual insurance reviewto determine if this provider is right for you.

#2 State Farm Car Insurance

State Farm is a leading provider of auto insurance, as well as insurance for motorcycles, boats, ATVs, motorhomes, and more. State Farm has some of the best car insurance for teens thanks to its great programs for students and young drivers.

State Farm discounts that could save teen drivers money include:

Discount Details
Drive Safe & SaveTM This usage-based safe driver program works by collecting data about your teen's safe driving habits through an app on their phone or OnStar® to qualify them for savings.
Steer Clear® Drivers younger than 25 can complete this driving training program and save as much 15 percent on their policy, as long as they don’t have any at-fault accidents or moving violations from the past three years.

Student Away at

School Discount

Students under the age of 25 who move away to school without bringing their car can get a discount on car insurance rates.
Good Student Discount Students who maintain a B average or higher can save up to 25 percent for getting good grades. College students can keep the discount until they turn 25, even after graduation.
Driver Training Discount Drivers under the age of 21 are eligible to complete an approved driver education course.

Young drivers can get affordable insurance through discounts and usage-based programs. Plus, State Farm has a positive reputation in the auto insurance industry. This provider has an AM Best financial strength rating of A++, which bodes well for the company’s reliability.

To learn more, read our fullState Farm insurance review.

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#3 USAA Car Insurance

USAA earned the highest ratings overall in our industry review for all drivers, and teens can get great rates too. If you are currently enlisted or part of a military family, it makes sense to use this provider for your teen's insurance needs.

In the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Auto Insurance Study℠, USAA scored the highest number of points for most U.S. regions. Among various discounts for teen car insurance, here are some that stand out:

Discount Details
Driver Training Discount Additional savings for any driver under the age of 21 who takes a basic driver training course
Safe Driving Discount Additional savings for anyone that has been accident-free for five years
Good Student Discount Decrease in car insurance premiums if your teen gets good grades
Multi-Vehicle Discount Decrease in premium when you own multiple vehicles

Aside from those benefits, USAA provides roadside assistance and accident forgiveness plans as well. With complete protection, it’s easy to feel safe when choosing this company to cover your teen. In fact, the coverage doesn’t end when your child moves away from home and is ready for their own policy. USAA has a 10-percent Family Legacy discount when the time comes for your child to get an individual policy.

Read ourUSAA insurance review to learn more about why this provider has some of the best car insurance for teens.

#4 Geico Auto Insurance

Geicois known for more than just an adorable gecko spokesperson. It is one of the top insurance providers in the country. Geico maintains an A+ BBB rating, and it also fared well on the same 2022 J.D. Power study mentioned above.

As some of the best auto insurance for young adults, we like Geico for its long list of discounts and incentives. Here are just a few of the discounts you and your teen could receive:

Discount Details
Good Student Discount Lower premiums if your teen maintains a B average or higher
Good Driver Discount Additional savings for anyone that has been accident-free for five years
Air Bag Discount
Up to 40 percent off for having a vehicle with full-front seat airbags
Seat Belt Use Discount
Up to 15 percent off if you and your passengers always wear seat belts
Defensive Driving Discount
Discounts available if you or your teen takes a defensive driving course

Many young drivers also appreciate the high-tech app that’s available to users. Some perks you can expect with the Geico app include:

  • Vehicle care features that monitor the car’s maintenance
  • App locator to find gas, nearby attractions, and parking
  • Voice-activated resource for use with Amazon’s Alexa

To find out if Geico has the right insurance policy for your budget, read our comprehensiveGeico review.

#5 Progressive Car Insurance

Progressivedidn’t rank as highly in the claims department as some of the other options in J.D. Power's U.S. Auto Insurance Study, but the perks this company offers make it a top contender for the best car insurance for teens. Progressive is one of the largest insurance providers in the nation and has been in business since 1937.

Not only does this provider have a strong reputation, but it's known for offering fair prices for high-risk drivers that have any speeding tickets, DUIs, or at-fault accidents on their record. Teenagers who have any of these may find Progressive helpful. When choosing car insurance for teen drivers, you may want to explore Progressive's several discounts:

Discount Details
Usage-Based Coverage Only pay for protection when the vehicle is in use (i.e. if your child goes away to school without the vehicle).
Good Student Discount Get lower premiums if your teen maintains a B average or higher.
Multi-Vehicle Discount Save money when you insure multiple vehicles.

One of the best parts about shopping for Progressive insurance is the provider’s price comparison tool. Instead of shopping with multiple companies, you can simply use the price comparison tool offered by Progressive to see the rates of competing companies. It’s not unheard of to find a lower rate with another company as a result of this tool. That level of transparency is difficult to find in the insurance industry.

Learn more about coverage in ourProgressive insurance review.

#6 AAA Car Insurance

AAA is known for more than just roadside assistance and car rental discounts. With your membership, you can receive low insurance premiums – even when your teen is included on the policy. AAA car insurance is widely regarded as a leader in the industry and maintains an A+ BBB rating. With coverage, you can receive several AAA auto insurance discounts including:

Discount Details
Accident Forgiveness Eligibility determined by driving history
Extended Car Rental Expense Coverage Pays for rental car coverage for the entire time that your vehicle is receiving repairs
12-Month Policies Offers a 12-month policy option, instead of the standard 6-month policy
Pet Coverage Provides coverage for your pets
New Vehicle Replacement Replaces your vehicle after a total loss in the first year of coverage
GAP Coverage Pay off the remaining balance on the loan if the vehicle is a total loss and you owe more than it is worth

If you are looking for a wide variety of plan options, from car insurance to great roadside assistance plans and more, you might consider getting a membership to AAA and checking out the policies. Learn more about coverage in our fullAAA insurance review.

Best Car Insurance Costs For Teens

While the above companies offer great discounts and specialty programs, you may consider some providers just based on their average rates for teen drivers. Teenagers tend to file more claims than older drivers, so car insurance companies raise rates for this age group. You can expect the highest costs if you're adding a 16-year-old to your policy, but each passing year, the prices will drop significantly.

When you're adding a teen to your auto insurance policy, it's a good idea to compare your company on price against others. USAA, Erie, Auto-Owners, Geico, and State Farm are some of the cheapest car insurance companies for teen drivers, as their rates tend to be far below the national average across the ages of 16, 17, 18, and 19.

Cheapest Car Insurance For 16-Year-Olds

The average annual cost of car insurance for 16-year-olds is $6,912. However, this is factoring in average costs for over 80 insurance companies across all 50 states, which means it's definitely possible to find rates much lower than this.

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Erie Insurance provides the cheapest rates for 16-year-olds when compared to other great car insurance companies for teens. However, coverage from this provider is only available in certain states in the central and south regions of the U.S., and a few in the north.

Car Insurance Provider Average Annual Cost Estimate For 16-Year-Olds
Erie Insurance $3,410
Auto-Owners $3,533
State Farm $4,146
Geico $4,466
USAA $4,784

Cheapest Car Insurance For 17-Year-Olds

The national average cost of car insurance for 17-year-olds is $5,612.According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 17-year-olds are among the most at risk for a fatal crash due to immaturity and limited driving experience.Being such a high-risk demographic usually means higher rates for auto insurance.

The best way to find affordable car insurance for a 17-year-old is by looking for student and young driver discounts. However, these are some of the cheapest rates you can find at great companies:

Car Insurance Provider Average Annual Cost EstimateFor 17-Year-Olds
Erie Insurance $3,137
Auto-Owners $3,207
USAA $3,398
Geico $3,646
State Farm $3,714

Cheapest Car Insurance For 18-Year-Olds

The national average cost for 18-year-olds is $4,958.Because 18-year-old drivers don’t have much experience behind the wheel, these drivers are still considered a high risk. However, here are some of the most current estimated average rates from some of the best car insurance providers for 18-year-olds:

Car Insurance Provider Average Annual Cost EstimateFor 18-Year-Olds
Erie Insurance $2,888
USAA $2,897
Auto-Owners $2,923
Geico $3,161
State Farm $3,340

Cheapest Car Insurance For 19-Year-Olds

The average cost of car insurance for 19-year-olds is $3,708. As teen drivers gain more experience and a successful driving history, providers trust them more, so insurance rates go down with each passing teen year. While all teenage drivers pay some of the highest rates, you'll notice a huge difference between the average insurance costs for 16-year-old drivers vs. 19-year-old drivers from the same companies:

Car Insurance Provider Average Annual Cost EstimateFor 19-Year-Olds
USAA $2,261
Geico $2,485
Erie Insurance $2,549
Auto-Owners $2,558
State Farm $2,924

What Affects The Price Of Car Insurance?

As you evaluate the best car insurance for teens, you'll find that most companies use the same criteria when deciding premiums. These factors determine most of the cost:

  • Age: Teen drivers have less experience behind the wheel and therefore pose a higher risk.
  • Credit score: Because creditworthiness is an excellent gauge of responsibility, premiums rise the lower the credit score is. Unfortunately, most teens don’t have a credit history, which continues to put them at a disadvantage.
  • Driving record: Your young driver doesn’t have a record to speak of. This lack of history makes it challenging for the car insurance company to determine how high of a risk each person poses. To protect itself, the provider charges more than average to compensate.
  • Vehicle: Driving a car with a good safety rating and advanced safety technology helps to lower the price. Car insurance companies also evaluate the type of car to determine how much it would cost to repair or replace.
  • Location: Where you live plays a huge role in your premium. If you live in a city that puts you at risk for car theft, you will see higher rates than those in a rural area. Required coverage also varies by state.
  • Demographics: Female drivers tend to pay less than male drivers for car insurance during the teen years. In addition, you can expect to pay less if you have a college degree and are married, which isn’t usually the case for teenagers.
  • Level of coverage: Finally, the insurance company factors in the level of protection you desire. If you choose the highest plan, you will pay more. In addition, your deductible will alter the price of your premium.

While it’s tempting to opt for the minimum required car insurance, drivers receive many benefits from selecting full coverage. Liability coverage takes care of property damage and bodily injury for other motorists, but collision coverage, comprehensive insurance, and medical payments coverage or personal injury protection better protect finances in the long run.

How To Add Teens To Your Car Insurance Policy

Once your teen receives a driver’s license, you have to begin preparing for the additional expense, even if you use one of our recommendations for the best car insurance for teens. As a two-car family, you are looking at a 58-percent average increase in rates, according to As a three-car family, those numbers go even higher.

The reason for this increase is the additional risk that teenage drivers bring. Inexperienced teenagers are more likely to get into accidents, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of death for teens is motor vehicle accidents. Every day, six teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 will die due to a motor vehicle crash.

With higher rates, you need to take your time when shopping for car insurance for teens. Once you find the provider you want to work with, though, adding your teenager isn’t difficult:

  1. Ask the insurance company when it requires coverage.Some expect you to add your teen while driving with a permit, while others wait until your child has a license.

  2. Get car insurance quotes on your existing policy, but also consider changing your plan to one with higher liability protection.

  3. Remember to ask for discounts.

  4. Shop various providers every time you are up for renewal.

Should I Add A Teen Driver To My Car Insurance Policy?

It’s often more cost-effective to add a teen driver to your policy instead of having them receive their own plan. Of course, this does increase your yearly premiums but saves your child money. Most auto insurance companies provide a family discount or lower rate when insuring multiple vehicles.

Another reason to add your teen to your policy is to receive coverage no matter what car they drive. If your teenager is involved in an at-fault accident, it won’t matter which one of the covered vehicles was damaged.

It's almost always a better move to put your teen driver on your own auto insurance policy. Be sure to prepare for higher overall premiums, though. These will likely come regardless of whether your teen motorist has a clean driving record or not.

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How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teens

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure you receive cheap car insurance for young drivers. As you evaluate the best car insurance for young adults, you will find that many of them provide car insurance discounts to help you keep more money in your pocket. These driver discounts vary based on the company, but you want to look for options such as:

Discount Details
Good Student Discount If your teen driver receives good grades, your provider might offer a discount. As one example, Geico provides a discount for anyone with a B average or higher.
Low Mileage Discount While this discount is available to anyone, it is especially useful for teens that simply drive back and forth to school. Make sure your provider knows how many miles your child will be driving.
Student Away Discount If your teen won’t be driving for a portion of the year while away at school, make sure you inform the provider to receive a lower rate. Some full-time students can earn a discount for the months when there isn’t any active driving.
Safe Driving Discount Some providers now have apps and unique devices that allow for the monitoring of your teen’s driving habits. Not only will this technology help your child become more aware of what’s happening on the road, but it also allows you to receive a discount for their good behavior.

Final Thoughts On The Best Car Insurance For Teens

When it comes to saving money on a teen auto insurance policy, it might be tempting to lower the level of coverage. While this is a way to save money upfront, consider the implications if your teenager gets into an accident.

It’s far better to go with medium to high-level coverage and shop for the best car insurance rates for teens. You can do this by receiving multiple quotes from several different insurance providers. Once you have coverage options in place, don’t forget to shop before every renewal to see if any new discounts have become available.

Best Car Insurance for Teens and Young Drivers in 2022:

  • #1 Liberty Mutual
  • #2 State Farm
  • #3 USAA
  • #4 Geico
  • #5 Progressive
  • #6 AAA

Once you find the right car insurance for teens, you can ensure that both your loved ones and your automobiles are protected.

FAQ: Best Car Insurance For Teens

What is the cheapest way to get car insurance for a teenager?

The most affordable way to insure a young driver is by adding them to a parent’s policy. This leads to a lower annual premium than with a separate policy, and many insurance providers offer discounts for young or student drivers.

What is the average cost of car insurance for a teenager?

The average cost of insurance coverage for a teenage driver varies significantly by their current age, and is typically higher the younger they are. The average annual cost for 16-year-olds is $6,912. For 17-year-olds, it’s $5,612. Eighteen-year-olds have an annual rate of $4,958, and 19-year-olds have a rate of $3,708.

Does car insurance go down at 19?

Yes. Age is a big factor in determining car insurance rates, and you can expect rates to decline as you grow older. The younger you are, the less driving experience you have and the more likely you are to engage in risk-taking behaviors.

What is the cheapest car insurance for 18-year-olds ?

There is no single cheapest option for everyone. For teenage drivers, we think Geico and USAA offer affordable rates, as well as Liberty Mutual, State Farm, and Erie Insurance. Look for policies that offer good student discounts and low-mileage discounts. You may also be able to lower your teen’s rates by having them take a defensive driving class.

At what age is car insurance the cheapest?

Determining what age car insurance is the cheapest is a gamble. So, if you're wondering about what age does car insurance goes down, rates typically decrease as you get older. Finding a cheap rate also depends on other factors, like age, location, and credit score.

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In an effort to provide accurate and unbiased information to consumers, our expert review team collects data from dozens of auto insurance providers to formulate rankings of the best insurers. Companies receive a score in each of the following categories, as well as an overall weighted score out of 5.0 stars.

  • Industry Standing: Insurers with strong financial ratings and customer-first business practices receive the highest scores in this category.
  • Availability: We consider availability by state as well as exclusions for specific groups of drivers.
  • Coverage: This rating is based on types of insurance available, maximum coverage limits, and add-on policies.
  • Cost and Discounts: Our research team reviews auto insurance rate estimates generated by Quadrant Information Services for a variety of drivers in every state. Companies with lower prices and many car insurance discount opportunities receive the best scores.
  • Customer Service: We comb through customer reviews and consumer feedback studies from experts like J.D. Power.
  • Technology: Auto insurers with mobile apps, advanced online services and telematics are more likely to meet consumer needs.

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What is the best type of insurance for a new driver? ›

There are three different types of car insurance: third party only, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive. Logically, third party insurance should be cheapest for young drivers as it offers a lesser level of cover than fully comp, yet this isn't always the case.

Who is the cheapest car insurance for young drivers? ›

The Cheapest Car Insurance for Teens
  • Travelers: $1,313 per year.
  • Grange: $1,584 per year.
  • USAA: $1,600 per year.
  • Mercury: $1,684 per year.
  • Progressive: $1,835 per year.
  • State Farm: $1,896 per year.
  • Safeco: $2,034 per year.
  • Liberty Mutual: $2,065 per year.

Can I put my 17 year old son on my car insurance? ›

If they're only an occasional user of the car, then they can be included as a named driver and they could have the same level of cover as the main policy holder. Check with your insurer though as not all policies will provide commuting or business cover to named drivers.

What is the cheapest insurance for new drivers? ›

MoneyGeek found that GEICO is the cheapest for new drivers in their early 20s; Allstate, GEICO and State Farm are cheapest for new teen drivers and State Farm is cheapest for adults who are new to driving.

Is car insurance cheaper at 18 than 17? ›

Car insurance is more expensive for younger drivers, and people in the 17-to-19 age group almost always pay more than any other for cover.

What insurance do I need for my first car? ›

You must have insurance in place after buying your first car and before you take it on the road. Third party insurance is the legal minimum level of cover you must have when driving – it covers you if someone else makes a claim against you for damage to their car or personal injury, for example.

Why is it so expensive to insure a young driver? ›

Young drivers are more expensive to insure because they're statistically more likely to have an accident — around 25% of all claims are made by drivers under the age of 25. Insurers also look at lots of other things when working out how much you should pay for a policy, including your: Vehicle. Job title.

Are newer cars cheaper to insure? ›

Is it cheaper to insure a new or old car? Unfortunately, there's no clear answer to this. The cost of your premium will depend partly on your car - generally the newer the car, the better its safety and security.

Is it cheaper to add my daughter to my insurance? ›

No. You don't have to add your child to your car insurance policy. But it will be less expensive than the child getting their own policy. “You're not required to add a teen driver to your car insurance, but it's more cost-effective to do so,” says Melanie Musson, a car insurance expert for

Is it cheaper to put my son on my car insurance? ›

Adding a child as a named driver can be cheaper than taking out a separate car insurance policy for that child. However, a named driver, especially a young one, will increase your insurance premiums. If your child is involved in a collision and makes a claim on the policy, you could also lose your no claims bonus.

Can I drive my son's car on my insurance? ›

No. There was a time when many fully-comp policies automatically gave you third-party insurance to drive any car, but those days have gone. So even if you're fully covered for your own car, don't assume you're insured to drive other people's cars otherwise you risk breaking the law.

Is GEICO really the cheapest? ›

Geico is the cheapest major auto insurance company in the nation, according to NerdWallet's most recent analysis of minimum coverage rates. Geico's average annual rate was $354, or about $29 per month.

How to lower your car insurance as a new driver? ›

Here are some ways to save on car insurance1
  1. Increase your deductible.
  2. Check for discounts you qualify for.
  3. Compare auto insurance quotes.
  4. Maintain a good driving record.
  5. Participate in a safe driving program.
  6. Take a defensive driving course.
  7. Explore payment options.
  8. Improve your credit score.

Which type of car insurance is cheapest? ›

Minimum liability insurance is the cheapest type of car insurance and lowest level of coverage required by most states. Additionally, most car insurance quotes also include full coverage quotes for those who need a higher level of protection.

What is cheapest way to insure a 17 year old son? ›

How can I get cheaper car insurance for 17 year-olds?
  • Add an older, more experienced driver to your policy – consider adding a parent or grandparent to your policy if they plan to use the car too. ...
  • Take an advanced driving course – if you've passed your test in the past year, consider taking a Pass Plus course.

What car has cheapest insurance for 18 year old? ›

The 10 cheapest cars for young drivers to insure
  • KIA Stonic.
  • Renault Kadjar.
  • SEAT Arona.
  • Mazda CX-5.
  • Volkswagen T-Cross.
  • Volkswagen up!
  • SEAT Mii.
  • Škoda Citigo.
17 Jun 2022

What should I look for when getting car insurance? ›

  • Step 1: How Much Coverage? ...
  • Step 2: Review Your Insurance. ...
  • Step 3: Check Your Driving Record. ...
  • Step 4: Solicit Competitive Quotes. ...
  • Step 5: Gather Company Information. ...
  • Step 6: Work the Phones. ...
  • Step 7: Look for Discounts. ...
  • Step 8: Assess the Companies.
14 Aug 2017

Should you buy a car or insurance first? ›

It is usually best to buy car insurance before you get your new vehicle. If you already have car insurance for another vehicle, you may not yet have to buy another plan. Most insurance companies offer a short grace period in which your new car is covered.

Should I get insurance before buying the car? ›

If you're buying a car and don't already have auto insurance, you'll need to purchase coverage for your new vehicle before leaving the lot. While some people may wait until they're signing on a car to secure auto insurance, it's usually better to find coverage well in advance.

How much is insurance for a 17-year-old with a Mustang? ›

How much is insurance for a 16 year old with a Mustang?
AgeCost Per MonthCost Per Year
4 more rows

Is USAA only for military? ›

Who can join? Our products and services are open to current and former military and their spouses. Children of USAA members can join, too.

Is Wawanesa or Geico better? ›

Our top picks for the cheapest car insurance in California are Geico, Wawanesa, USAA, State Farm and Mercury Insurance.
Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in California.
California Car Insurance CompaniesOverall RatingCost Rating
1. Geico9.19.2
2. Wawanesa Insurance6.47.0
3. USAA9.29.8
2 more rows
26 Sept 2022

Why do people under 25 pay more insurance? ›

Car insurance premiums are calculated by taking risk into consideration. Statistically, younger drivers make more claims, so they are higher risk. Thus, the premium they pay will reflect this.

How much does insurance go down after 1 year no claims? ›

The amount of discount earned increases with each year of claim-free driving. So after one year you might get 30%, with the percentage increasing each year until you get 70% NCD after five years. Most firms offer a maximum NCD of 70%, although some offer 75% or 80%.

Does car insurance go down after first year? ›

How much will my car insurance go down after 1 year? That depends entirely on you and your driving. If you've banked one year of no claims, its likely your insurance premium will be lower after twelve months, provided no other circumstances have changed.

Is insurance higher on a new or used car? ›

You'll likely pay less for insurance.

Insuring a used car is usually cheaper than insuring a new one. Newer cars are more expensive to repair. New vehicles have newer technology, which drives up loss costs and how much insurers dole out to cover claims.

Why is an older car more expensive to insure? ›

Consider repair and replacement costs: Older vehicles can cost more to insure because they can be more expensive to repair due to hard-to-find parts. Consider how much you'll need to spend to make repairs to your older car.

Why are some cars cheaper to insure than others? ›

Sizing up Insurance Costs

Statistics prove smaller, sportier cars are driven at higher rates of speed by younger, riskier drivers. Because they're involved in more accidents, they're more expensive to insure. By that rationale, it stands to reason that larger vehicles such as SUVs would be less expensive to insure.

Can I be under my parents car insurance if the car is in my name? ›

If you're driving your parents' vehicle, staying on their insurance policy is not an issue. However, if you move back in with your parents and bring a car that's registered and titled in your name, you can decide to insure your vehicle on your parents' policy or purchase your own policy.

How much does it cost to add 19 year old to car insurance? ›

If you add a teenager to your car insurance policy, you can expect to pay an average annual rate of $4,144 with a 16-year-old, $3,985 for a 17-year-old, $3,718 for an 18-year-old and $3,343 for a 19-year-old, according to 2022 data.

Can I teach my daughter to drive on my insurance? ›

You need your own insurance as a learner driver if you're practising in a car you own. Your family member or friend will usually be covered on this. If you're practising in someone else's car, you need to either: make sure you're covered by the car owner's insurance policy as a learner driver.

Can my son drive my car with my permission? ›

Can I get insurance for anyone to drive my car? An 'any driver' insurance policy allows anyone to drive your car at any time. There's no limit to how many people can drive the car, so any friends or family, who have your permission, are legally insured to drive it.

Who should be the main driver on car insurance? ›

And others don't understand who the actual main driver is. The declared main driver should be the person who: regularly uses a car to drive to or from work / place of education. uses the car for the highest percentage of the time.

Will my insurance cover me if I drive someone else's car? ›

Your own car insurance will generally provide limited coverage when you borrow someone else's car or drive a rental.

Can you insure a car not in your name? ›

Can I insure a car that isn't registered in my name? You can insure a car you do not own, however, you must inform the insurer that you are neither the owner of the car nor its registered keeper. You can: Become a named driver: By adding yourself as a named driver, you'll be able to drive someone else's car.

What insurance allows you to drive other people's cars? ›

Driving other cars cover is usually only available on a comprehensive car insurance policy, so if you have third party (or third party, fire & theft) cover, you won't be covered to drive any other cars. It's not automatically included on every comprehensive policy – so check first.

Who's cheaper Progressive or GEICO? ›

Is Progressive Cheaper Than Geico? Both Geico and Progressive offer cheap car insurance to drivers across the country. Geico's rates are typically lower overall, but Progressive tends to offer better prices to those with a recent DUI, at-fault accident or speeding ticket on their driving record.

What is the best car insurance right now? ›

Best Auto Insurance Companies
  • State Farm. 9.3. Editor's Choice.
  • USAA. 9.2. Low Rates for Military.
  • Geico. 9.1. Affordable for Most Drivers.
  • Erie. 9.0. Affordable for Basic Coverage.
  • Travelers. 9.0. Most Coverage Options.
  • Liberty Mutual. 9.0. Good Programs for Young Drivers.
  • Progressive. 8.7. ...
  • Auto-Owners Insurance. 8.8.
28 Sept 2022

Is Liberty Mutual cheaper than GEICO? ›

Cheapest for most drivers: Geico

Geico has cheaper car insurance prices than Liberty Mutual across multiple coverage levels.

How can a teen driver lower car insurance? ›

How to save on car insurance when adding a teen driver
  1. Good student discount. It's common for car insurance companies to offer discounts for full-time students who maintain good grades. ...
  2. Enroll in a safe driving course. ...
  3. Distant student savings. ...
  4. Low-mileage savings. ...
  5. Consider the teen's car. ...
  6. Take advantage of telematics.
6 days ago

What is the cheapest insurance for new drivers? ›

MoneyGeek found that GEICO is the cheapest for new drivers in their early 20s; Allstate, GEICO and State Farm are cheapest for new teen drivers and State Farm is cheapest for adults who are new to driving.

How do insurance companies determine your premium? ›

Insurance companies use mathematical calculation and statistics to calculate the amount of insurance premiums they charge their clients. Some common factors insurance companies evaluate when calculating your insurance premiums is your age, medical history, life history, and credit score.

What is the best car insurance quote site? ›

Insurify is the top-rated car insurance quote comparison site in the U.S. It has a 4.8 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating on Shopper Approved and over 3,600 customer reviews. With Insurify, drivers in all 50 states save an average of $585 per year.

Is esurance a good company? ›

Esurance is a financially stable insurance company with an A+ rating from A.M. Best. However, customer complaints are higher than the industry average, suggesting that many customers are dissatisfied with Esurance.

What does no comprehensive coverage mean? ›

Comprehensive insurance is a coverage that helps pay to replace or repair your vehicle if it's stolen or damaged in an incident that's not a collision. Comprehensive, sometimes called "other than collision" coverage, typically covers damage from fire, vandalism or falling objects (like a tree or hail).

Is insurance cheaper for older new drivers? ›

Car insurance is usually more expensive for new drivers (regardless of age). This is because drivers with less experience have a higher risk of getting into an accident and making a claim. Adding an experienced driver, with a good driving history, as a named driver to your policy could help make it cheaper.

Do new drivers have to have a black box? ›

It depends; by and large, more careful drivers with lower risk factors can make good savings with black box insurance. On the other hand, if you've got a few bad driving habits, or present a higher risk, car insurance without a telematics box might be a better option.

Why is new driver insurance so expensive? ›

Young drivers are more expensive to insure because they're statistically more likely to have an accident — around 25% of all claims are made by drivers under the age of 25. Insurers also look at lots of other things when working out how much you should pay for a policy, including your: Vehicle. Job title.

How much is the insurance for a new car? ›


It started at an average of about Rs 2400 per year and now it's around Rs 4000-5000 per year. The reason behind this increase was because there was a need for regulation and other factors like theft or damage to vehicles which should be covered by insurance companies.

What is the best age to get car insurance? ›

Age correlates with driving experience and the risk of getting into a car accident. The high car insurance rates that young drivers pay start to go down at age 25. You'll get the best rates in your 50s and early 60s, assuming you have a good driving record.

What age is car insurance cheapest? ›

Experienced drivers are less likely to have accident claims, which means they cost less to insure. At Progressive, the average premium per driver tends to decrease significantly from 19-34 and then stabilize or decrease slightly from 34-75. At age 75, the average premium begins trending upward.

How much does insurance go down after 1 year no claims? ›

The amount of discount earned increases with each year of claim-free driving. So after one year you might get 30%, with the percentage increasing each year until you get 70% NCD after five years. Most firms offer a maximum NCD of 70%, although some offer 75% or 80%.

What is the curfew on a black box? ›

Will I be on a curfew and penalised for driving at certain times? There is no curfew with LittleBox. Of course, there are certain times of the day when accidents are more likely to occur, like at night. But you won't be charged a fee for driving in the night with LittleBox.

What happens if you break the speed limit with a black box? ›

Speed we will issue a warning (mph)

You should always obey the speed limit. If you drive at speeds over the speed limit, it will affect your score and is more likely to result in the journey being given a warning. Exceeding the speed limit by any amount will impact your overall score.

Can a 17 year old get car insurance without black box? ›

Yes, you can get car insurance without a black box as a 17-year-old driver. Using a black box is often a great way to keep premiums down, especially if you are new on the road. Some people aren't keen on the idea of their insurer keeping an eye on their driving style though.

Does adding a named driver reduce insurance? ›

Adding a named driver often makes the premiums cheaper. This is because, since the car is shared, it's assumed you'll spend less time driving. This reduces the probability of you having an accident and making a claim, which is reflected in cheaper car insurance quotes.

How do you lower your car insurance? ›

Here are some ways to save on car insurance1
  1. Increase your deductible.
  2. Check for discounts you qualify for.
  3. Compare auto insurance quotes.
  4. Maintain a good driving record.
  5. Participate in a safe driving program.
  6. Take a defensive driving course.
  7. Explore payment options.
  8. Improve your credit score.

What makes your car insurance go down? ›

You may be able to help decrease your car insurance premiums by taking on more risk (which decreases the risk you pose to your insurer). This could mean: Dropping optional coverage, such as collision or comprehensive if you own your vehicle outright. Decreasing your coverage limits.

Which insurance is best for car? ›

10 Best Car Insurance Companies in India (October 2022)
  • IFFCO-TOKIO General Company. ...
  • Reliance General Insurance Company. ...
  • ICICI Lombard Insurance Company. ...
  • SBI General Insurance Company. ...
  • HDFC ERGO Insurance Company. ...
  • Universal SOMPO Insurance Company. ...
  • Magma HDI Insurance Company. ...
  • Royal Sundaram General Finance Company.
30 Sept 2022

Are newer cars cheaper to insure? ›

Is it cheaper to insure a new or old car? Unfortunately, there's no clear answer to this. The cost of your premium will depend partly on your car - generally the newer the car, the better its safety and security.

How long do you have to get insurance on a new car? ›

As per (new car insurance rules) the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), brand-new cars must be insured with this policy straightaway for three years (three-year plan).


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