Car Detailing At Home Made Possible With These 16 Easy-to-use Supplies (2023)

Car detailing is on every car owner’s bucket list and there are high chances that it is in yours too. We all love to get our car detailed, but having your car detailed professionally can be expensive. So how can we achieve those same results at home? Here are all the supplies you need to clean your car as if you had detailed it! With these tools, you could make car detailing move from an item in your Wishlist that you only get to achieve occasionally to your everyday reality.

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Best Products For Cleaning Your Car

1. Dash and Vent Duster Combo

The first time you turn the heat on in the car you can smell the dust burning! These brushes are perfect for getting deep into the vents and tight crevices to get the dust and dirt out and get these areas super clean. The tool makes home car detailing a reality because, different from other dust cleaning tools, it effectively removes the dust instead of moving it around.

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2. Super Clean Glue

This stuff is amazing and versatile. Stick it in your cupholder to pick up all the goop! Use this in all those places that have small nooks and crannies for a deep clean. Even though some places may be difficult to reach for dash and dusters, the auto groove clean glue has got your back.

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3. Wet / Dry Vac

This is a must-have for anyone who cleanstheir car regularly! Even if you aren’t going to go all out and detail the car this will come in handy frequently! It is important to note that car detailing is a process that includes smaller tasks and this tool enables the completion of one of those tasks, which is cleaning the interior. While choosing the cleaning tools you need, it is important to consider those that guarantee extensive reach and flexibility and the wet/dry vac does just that.


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4. Armor All Protect and Clean Wipes

This double pack of wipes will clean and detail all the “plastic”/nonfabric areas of your car. The doors, handles, the dashboard, inside the glove compartment, etc. Then use the protectant wipes to protect those surfaces. These are quick and easy and give you a good bang for your buck! You can consider this to be the weapon against the harmful UV and oxidation it gets exposed to.

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5. Armor All Leather Wipes

Spruce up those leather seats with these handy wipes that condition and clean the leather and keep them looking nice for a long time! The fundamental principle of taking care of leather seats is to avoid, at all costs, sprayinganything directly to the leather seats. With this in mind, all leather wipes come in handy because they facilitate the satisfaction of this thumb rule.

6. Windex Wipes

These are handy for cleaning all your glass surfaces. Keep the pouch in your glove compartment for any time you get a smudge or smear! While they consider it to be useful primarily around the home, I am sure that your car is your other home. In addition to enhancing appearance, having glass surfaces clean enables a clearer view thus preventing possible accidents.

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7. Vent Clip Air Fresheners

One of the best parts of getting your car detailed professionally is how great it smells afterward! Also, we know that scents say so much about an individual, right? What if I told you it’s possible to get that wonderful smell without having to spend so much on car detailing professional services? You can get that fresh smell with these air fresheners. After cleaning your car, all you need to do is attach the air fresheners onto the vents and wonderful scents will fill your ride.

8. Auto Detail Brush and Pick Kit

Stuck on gum or food, try this pick, and then brush dirt away with the brush. Expectedly, in some instances, you will need to scope down your area of coverage and focus on specific points during cleaning. At such times, the details brush comes in handy because it focuses on details just as its name suggests.

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9. Microfiber Cloths

These cloths are the workhorse of your car cleaning kit. Use them for anything and everything cleaning-related!! Have car seats for your kids, try these cloths rather than using something with harsh chemicals to wipe down those seats. The material used to manufacture them makes them safe for sensitive materials such as leather, which needs top-tier care. The number of fibers concentrated per square inch enables the use of the supply without the need for detergent or chemicals.

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10. Drying Towel

Have you ever watched diving in the Olympics and seen the divers dry themselves with a shammy…that is what this is. Ditch those bath towels and use this super absorbent towel instead, which is made of an extremely tiny synthetic fiber. Use it to dry your car to have a streak-free clean. The towel comes in handy especially on a sunny day when you may competing with the sun on who will dry the car first. With this drying towel, you can say goodbye to the struggles of soap streaks because of the sun drying your car before you are finished washing.

11. Microfiber Car Detailing Dash Duster

Keep this duster in the car to wipe down dust on a regular basis. Get that stuff out of your car so you aren’t breathing it in all the time! Even though the duster faces the challenge of moving dust from one place to another, its design and composition ensure that the moved dust is gotten rid of. The duster achieves this because of its electrostatic features.

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12. Wheel and Rim Wand

If you have rims then this is a must-have tool. Get in the tight spots with this wand and wipe away the brake dust and dirt. In addition to having a great look for your car, having this will prevent unnecessary damage to the rims. Additionally, the accumulation of grease and dirt is bound to affect the performance of your car. Therefore, you need this to get those rims shining and the tires as black as they can be.

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13. Rain X Windshield Treatment

It is one thing to get the windows clean and another to ensure that they remain spotless, especially the windshield, and this tool guarantees the latter. Protect all your hard work cleaning the windows and windshield by using this windshield treatment that helps water bead and roll off taking dirt with it. The supply is an effective alternative whenever there is a need to prevent poor visibility of the windshield on a long-term basis.

14. Ultimate Car Detailing Wash Bucket

When you are washing your car and you set the supplies down on the ground to pick up dirt or to roll away down the driveway. Amazingly, those days are over. This great bucket has a spot to put all your supplies to keep them clean and at hand. Through the facilitation of an organized cleaning, it will help you have a great experience and get the job done as fast as possible. The convenience guaranteed by this bucket sounds too good to be true but then it is a reality.

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15. Brush Hero

This awesome brush is water-powered and spins to clean those pesky dirty spots. Pop the hood and clean the guts of your car with water and this brush for a great clean car all around. With interchangeable brushes, this tool can help you get rid of different kinds of dirt. Using water pressure from astandard hose pipe, the tool is revolutionary in the ways in which it gets the job done.

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16. Jet Power Wand for Car Detailing

Turn your hose into a power washer with this jet wand. Spray away the dirt at the most basic level with this great power washer. Considering the power wand mixes water and soap, it alleviates the need for a bucket. The benefits of having the jet power wand go beyond what it can achieve and extend to its effects on the available resources such as time and water. Using this tool will help you clean your car faster and use the least amount of water possible.

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While you may not use all these tools at once, it is possible for you to find a perfect combination that will better serve your needs. Also, you can prioritize based on your budget starting with the ones that serve a greater purpose. Eventually, you will have stocked your car detailing arsenal and the experience will always be one to look forward to. Serving as a textbook example, I have gradually transformed my car cleaning experience. Even though my car can hardly utter a word, I’m sure it thanks me. On the other hand, it’s become my second home.

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Even the simplest tools can empower people to do great things

– Biz Stone

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What household items can I use to detail my car? ›

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Step 1: Wipe Surfaces Using a Damp Rag. ...
  2. Step 2: Use Rubbing Alcohol + Water and Used Fabric Softener Sheets to Clean Hard Surfaces. ...
  3. Step 3: Use Baby Wipes on the Dashboard, Glove Box, and Other Hard Surfaces. ...
  4. Step 1: Vacuum Fabric Thoroughly and Pick Up All the Garbage and Dirt.
2 Oct 2022

What items are needed to detail a car? ›

Top 10 Auto Detailing Essentials
  • Buckets. ...
  • Car wash hand mitt. ...
  • Applicators and brushes. ...
  • Foam cannon. ...
  • LED auto detailing light. ...
  • Vacuum and blower. ...
  • Plastic razor blades. ...
  • Drying tools.

What product is best for detailing? ›

5 Best Car Detailing Products
  • Best Headlight Restorer: Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit.
  • Best Wheel Cleaner: Turtle Wax T-18 All Wheel & Tire Cleaner.
  • Best Car Detailing Vacuum: DeWalt DXV08S.
  • Best Car Wax: P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax.
  • Best Car Wash Soap: Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax.
5 Aug 2022

How do you make your own car cleaning products? ›

In a small spray bottle, combine equal parts of white vinegar and water with a few drops of lemon juice, and shake to combine. To use, simply spray the mixture on any dirty spots and wipe down with newspaper or a microfiber cloth. This mixture can be used to clean up tougher residue on glass, or even on your dashboard.

What is the best thing to use to clean car interior? ›

A steam cleaner lifts stains from carpet and upholstery, but soap and water on a soft cloth works, too.


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