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The Best Unique and Creative Username Ideas

We will create a long list of interesting and unique usernames you can use for inspiration. We even broke them down into four different categories based on the platforms they are used in – YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and online forums. We created 15 name ideas for each category to inspire your brainstorming sessions. We used our usernames generator to help us find these ideas.

The tools you’ll need for brainstorming internet & website business name ideas: online dictionary and thesaurus, word processor or a pen and paper, our naming generator to speed up the process and give you names with available domains.

YouTube Username Ideas

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We can quickly tell that both made-up names and real words do well on YouTube. The most important this is that the username is easy to spell and remember. You make a name for yourself on this platform by getting followers. And having a clean and minimalistic name can help you reach more people.

  • All About Everything
  • Early Morning Bird
  • Fitness Fads
  • Brand On the Rise
  • Plant-Powered
  • Yum, That’s Great
  • Daily Dose of Fun
  • Mark Talks Marketing
  • Be Kind
  • Mindful Matters
  • BMX Clips
  • Boat Me More
  • SuperMe!
  • Fashion Fire
  • Trendista

TIP: We said that YouTube names should be easy to spell and remember. You don’t want to distract your viewers by having a difficult name. How do you create a name that’s easy to spell and pronounce?

Let’s assume you’ve done your brainstorming and created a list of possible username ideas for your YouTube channel. Ideally, you should have between 5 and 10 usernames ready to choose between.

Ask a few friends to help you. Tell them all the names and ask them to write them down and say them back to you. You have to scratch all the names your group of friends has trouble spelling.

Keep the ones they remember the most. This is an easy way to test how memorable your name ideas are.

Instagram Username Ideas

It’s getting harder and harder to find available usernames on Instagram. That’s why we see a lot of misspelled names and unusual characters being used. We don’t believe this is the right approach since it makes your username hard to remember. Try to stick to short usernames that have straightforward spelling.

  • Fit Mommy Pix
  • Do Your Best
  • Motivational Mindset
  • NatureWell
  • SupremeLooks
  • CarryOn
  • Artistly
  • Benecucina
  • The Finest Dish
  • Benc&More
  • Calistenics Command
  • More from Me
  • Trednsetterz
  • BrowGirls
  • NailsNation

TIP: We mentioned that you should keep your names clean. Another thing you need to consider is the meaning. The name should either be tied to you personally or to the main topics you cover in your posts.

Write down the words that can easily be tied to your niche (topic). Open up niche dictionaries online and search for interesting words to add to your username.

Start combining the words into memorable usernames. Use rhymes, alliterations, and rhythmic word structures to make the usernames easy to spell and pronounce.
You will probably have to do a few rounds of brainstorming before you end up with a few ideas that are polished enough to be used.

(Video) Creative Art #shorts #satisfying #art #painting #youtubeshorts

Twitch Username Ideas

Twitch is one of the platforms that let you change your username. That means that searching for new usernames isn’t a one-time thing. Most people go for usernames that can be tied to what they are streaming about. More often than not, that has to do with gaming. Misspelled words and funny characters are common on the platform.

  • MMO-no
  • Gamerfy
  • Playmore
  • Re-Spawn Republic
  • Your Momma Said
  • Gun’s’Glory
  • SeriousGamers
  • AllNightPlay
  • IKillYou
  • Watcha!!
  • NoNoXXXX
  • Gamerica
  • MakePlayGreatAgain
  • LoosingFrames
  • PixlKiller

TIP: We want a name that is meaningful, original, and different on Twitch. The simplest way to do so is by combining one of your personality traits with your broad niche.

Start listing all the adjectives that describe you as a person. You can open up a thesaurus and list a couple more.

Start thinking of interesting words that come from your niche. Let’s say you’re a gamer and you play a specific type of game. Write down interesting words that are only used between the players of the gamers you’re playing.

All you have to do now is combine the words from the first list with the words from the second list. Aim to create something memorable and interesting. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you a couple of tries before you find something worth keeping.

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Name Ideas for Online Forums

We often use online forums because they are anonymous. And of the goals of your username is to keep you anonymous. We see a lot of made-up words and unusual spellings in online forum usernames. A lot of the time, people use words that are associated with the topics used in the forum.

  • Marketeerz
  • DepressOn
  • Kicksterly
  • Wakanza
  • XoXo_Me
  • ChinaSpy23
  • NotARobot
  • !!ListenToMe!!
  • WhatCANiSAY
  • DONThurtME
  • HereToJoke
  • THEaiBOT
  • AlienOvertake
  • LiZZadrKING
  • Wackster

TIP: We mentioned that online forum usernames should keep you anonymous. That’s why we should avoid any words or associations that can be tied to us.

You can use words from the niche that’s covered in the forum. Open up any of the niche-specific dictionaries online and start searching for interesting phrases and words.

Search for phrases and words that have different meanings in the world and in your niche. That’s how you create an interesting forum username that’s relevant to the forum and keeps you anonymous.

The Best Real and Interesting Usernames from The Internet – How they got it and why it works

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LILLY SINGH a.k.a. IISuperwomanII

How they created it:
The story of IISuperwomanII goes something like this: When Lilly was younger, she had a ring with a superman symbol on it and when she later battled with depression, the name was perfect because it made her feel like she can do anything.

(Video) What to draw when bored! EASY!#giveityourbestshort

Why it works:
She managed to build an emotional connection with her fans with her honesty, easy and caring personality. She wanted to be her own hero, and through that username, she wanted everyone else to become their own hero. She was proud of her achievements, and since Lilly became an even bigger hero than Superwoman, she retired that name.

Doug the Pug

How they created it:
It’s cute’o’clock! Doug the Pug is what the name says, a pug. This four-legged star is entertaining, relatable, funny, and cute to watch. His most-watched videos are about reenacting movies and TV shows, such as Spider Man, Harry Potter, and so on.

Why it works:
It rhymes, and you know it’s a doggy profile. It’s not just about taking pictures or recording funny videos with the dog, you have to treat your pet like a brand and give your pet their personality. And with everything Doug The Pug creates, it oozes personality, wit, and fun.


How they created it:
Nikkie de Jager started doing YouTube at the age of 14 by being inspired by Lauren Conrad’s makeup. She became more recognizable after uploading “The Power of Makeup” because it inspired other people to show their faces without any makeup. Since then, she collaborated with many world-known beauty brands like Maybelline and TooFaced.

Why it works:
Nikkie is not afraid of showing her facial blemishes and skin irregularities. It’s a part of who she is. She transformed her small YouTube channel into a personal brand that is worth millions. The name was chosen because she wanted to learn and tutor them in a way that shows they too can create something magnificent.


How they created it:
Tim “the tatman” Betar is a big fan of tattoos, so when he started going to college, he already had his whole arm tattooed. One of his professors was calling the student’s names, and when it was his turn, he raised his tattooed arm and the professor went “oh, Tim the Tatman” as in Tim the tattooed man. And it stuck.

Why it works:
It’s catchy, and it describes his love for tattoos. It doesn’t have anything to do with gaming, but in this case, it doesn’t really matter. It’s easy to remember, and all words in the name start with the letter “T”, which is even more memorable.


How they created it:
Mark Edward Fischbach or, to shorten it, Markiplier wanted to make sketch videos where he would act as different characters, so at first, the name Markiplier was created because he would multiply himself in order to act out the sketch on video.

Why it works:
The name “markiplier” is a combination of his first name “Mark” and the word “Multiplier”. Even though he wanted to do comedy, it also works as a gaming name because it kinda sounds like “multiplayer”, which is used in the gaming world. The name is unique, smart and it can work in comedy as well as in gaming.

5 Most Known Usernames In the World – How they got it and why it works.

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How they created it:
The person behind this username is Raúl Álvarez Genes, a Spanish gamer, and comedian that built a huge following on YouTube and Twitch. He went with a username based on his nickname Auron.

(Video) CRAZIEST BACK TO SCHOOL HACKS || DIY School Supplies! Amazing Ideas & Cheating Tricks by 123 GO!

Why it works:
The name is simple, meaningful, and relevant. It combines the nickname of the person behind the channels and the word that shows what he does on his channels. The name is easy to remember. It also clearly shows what to expect from the channel.

How to Cake It

How they created it:
How to cake it is a witty baking show on YouTube, hosted by Yolanda Gampp. Every week she creates beautiful cakes with a hint of sass and humor. And those cakes are not just ordinary cakes … they’re BREATHTAKING! Yolanda can turn anything into a cake, so the name says it clearly – how can you turn something into a cake.

Why it works:
They turned a noun into a verb, so instead of just saying “How to bake the cake”, they created something different and attractive for the audience. Adding a bit of Yolanda’s fun personality and you get yourself a name that screams fun.

Humans of NY

How they created it:
This unbelievably successful page was started by Brandon Staton, who would photograph random people in New York, posting them on Instagram and telling their stories in the caption. Someone even said that it’s one of the few accounts where captions are more powerful that the photos.

Why it works:
Humans of NY is unique. Instead of promoting unrealistic beauty standards, they humanize the people in the Big Apple by giving us a glimpse of who they are and what is their story. We can see non-influencer people open up about their lives.

Dude Perfect

How they created it:
Dude Perfect was founded by former roommates at Texas A&M University. Content created by Dude Perfect predominantly consists of videos depicting various trick shots, stereotypes, and stunts. The name comes from a random comment one of the founding members made in a video.

Why it works:
The name is easy, catchy, and memorable. It goes well with their stunts and trick shots, which are often hard to believe. They have to be perfect to work. The username they picked accurately represents their brand and makes them unique.


How they created it:
9GAG is a breeding ground for Internet memes and its popularity has grown all over social media since 2008. It features sharp humor and corny jokes, which are extremely popular among the younger audience.

Why it works:
No one knows what 9GAG means, even the CEO declined to explain the origins. So let’s try it on our own. The site is supposed to make you laugh, so according to many 9GAG fans, the name could come from the Cantonese language. So when it’s used in a sentence, it would mean something like “are you serious?”.

Things to Keep In Mind When Creating Usernames for Different Online Platforms

We covered different tricks and tips you can use when creating usernames to use for different online platforms. We even created username ideas for different platforms to inspire your own research. We analyzed why some of the most popular usernames attract the attention of people all around the world. You should already have a lot of knowledge about creating interesting and unique username ideas. Let’s look at some additional things you should consider when creating usernames.

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First, you should know the rules of the platforms you’re creating usernames for. Every platform has different rules, and you have to be aware of them. Check if there are character limits? Some platforms limit the usernames to 15 characters max. Can you use alphanumeric characters or are you limited to letters from the alphabet? Some platforms don’t allow usernames to start with a number.

It’s a good practice to use the same username for multiple platforms. Or at least go with a username that is similar on different platforms. That’s why it’s important you check the rules on all the platforms you want to use.

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Another thing you need to consider is how brandable your username is. We went over examples of the most famous usernames in the world, and we learned that they managed to turn what was once a small channel or profile into a worldwide brand. It’s possible your channel goes through rapid growth, which might enable you to build a big brand around the username.

It’s a good practice to make sure your username can be used as a brand down the road. You shouldn’t include existing trademarks in your username, and it’s best you avoid usernames that sound like big existing brands. You can even do a quick search in the trademark databases to ensure you’re not breaching any existing trademarks with your username. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

You should also consider domain availability when creating your usernames. You probably won’t build a website for your online profile at the beginning, but if you grow and start gaining followers, you might want to consider starting a website. It’s always good to know that the domain address that matches your username is still available.

We wouldn’t worry too much about the domains at this point. You can always use a modifying word if you need to get a domain for your username. Plus, alternative domain extensions are getting more and more popular. Especially amongst online influencers.

So, now you know how to create online usernames. We learned that it might take a lot of time to end up with interesting ideas you can actually use. That’s we suggest you use our username generator to speed up the whole process. Not only will the generator create the names for you, but it will also even show you which options have available domains.

You can find the generator at the top of the page. All you have to do is input the seed keyword and let the username generator do its magic. You can repeat the process as many times as you want to.


We’ve come to the end of our username guide. We shared step-by-step instructions on how to create the best online usernames for different platforms. You have all the knowledge you need to create the perfect username for yourself.

Make sure you follow the tips and tricks we shared with you. Pay special attention to the type of platform you’re using to know what kind of usernames to create.


We suggest you use our usernames generator to help you generate ideas. You will save a lot of time and headache with the generator. The generator is completely free to use and has no limitations. You can use it as much as you want to. And the best part is that the generator never runs out of ideas.

All that’s left for us is to wish you good luck on your online journey.

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